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According to Microsoft's official statement, more than 90% of cyber-attacks on enterprise data are carried out due to insufficiently secure passwords of corporate employees.

In numbers this means 7,800,000,000 misused accounts and 21,000,000 cracked passwords in one month.


Successful protection is AdmPwd.E

What if the local administrator account on each computer in the corporate network had a unique password that even the administrator would not know and the system could use it if necessary?
Do you think that the same would be good for accounts used to access database or application servers, including detailed logging?

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Delivering consulting services in infrastructure and Cloud projects in all stages of project - from analysis to implementation.

We focus on defining architecture of solutions, defining scope and leading implementation teams towards delivery.


Security solutions

In the area of IT security we have many years of experience that we can effectively capitalize on designing or implementing customized security solutions such as Identity management. Within the design itself, we take into account, among other things, the fact that it is not always in the power of the customer to acquire new infrastructure software components and therefore we always try to find the optimal solution using existing resources.




Are you missing a product or component on the market that would fit into your solution as a puzzle piece? Or does any aspect of the current solution not suit you? We will be pleased to provide you with complete services related to the analysis of the problem, propose a complete E2E solution and implement missing part.

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"My customers are my inspiration. I do listen to the them. I can program your wildest dreams.
I have hunger to achieve more and I enjoy it."

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