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We never fail, we do have always plan B, if standard tools fail, we’re able to deliver own toolset. It does not matter how complex or difficult task we face, we proudly starts on the point where others had to run away and plant our feet there to go forward. We always do not follow "one size fits all" pattern as we understand that each customer is unique.

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Active Directory Migrations

Thanks to our rich experiences and our Active Directory Migration Framework, we can succeed where others fail. Unpopular tasks such as consolidating, splitting or restructuring of Active Directory instances are a breeze for us. We are also well aware that these changes have significant implications for enterprise applications and systems. That is why we devote a large part of our efforts to application impact analysis and healing.

Active Directory Migration Framework

Being the best in a given discipline does not only mean having good experience, but also having a set of support tools at hand that will help you achieve the desired goal easily and effectively. Therefore, we have developed a unique solution (called Active Directory Migration Framework) which help us to handle Active Directory migration task much more smoothly. ADMF is a reflection of all our successful migration projects that we have completed so far. It offers features such as: SID clonning for security principals, AD synchronization (users, groups, contacts), Identity mapping and more.

Company Cloud Migration

Nowadays, many companies are fully aware of the indisputable benefits of cloud services. That's why most of them are at these days subject of massive migration of their on-premises services to the cloud platforms. Our experience of migration enterprise data and systems to the cloud is already appreciated by many companies. Our specialization is migration to O365. However, we also deal with heterogeneous migrations such as migration from GSuite to O365, etc. For these migration tasks, we have developed many of highly customizable migration tools that facilitate on-boarding or off-boarding processes.


Delivering consulting services in infrastructure and Cloud projects in all stages of project - from analysis to implementation. We focus on defining architecture of solutions, defining scope and leading implementation teams towards delivery.

Security solutions

In the area of IT security we have many years of experience that we can effectively capitalize on designing or implementing customized security solutions such as Identity management. Within the design itself, we take into account, among other things, the fact that it is not always in the power of the customer to acquire new infrastructure software components and therefore we always try to find the optimal solution using existing resources.

Custom solutions

Are you missing a product or component on the market that would fit into your solution as a puzzle piece? Or does any aspect of the current solution not suit you? We will be pleased to provide you with complete services related to the analysis of the problem, propose a complete E2E solution and implement missing part.